Local, whole milk available 24/7 from our vending machine outside Mole Avon County Stores, Crediton.
Visit our vending machine outside Mole Avon, Crediton, to buy fresh milk produced by our herd of 250 free range cows.  It's pasteurised, non-homogenised and delicious. Just like it used to be! 
Purchase one of our reusable glass bottles from the machine. Just put them in the dishwasher, or wash thoroughly to use again. Card payment only, so no need to bring any coins.

The Munday family has been farming at Town Barton, Sandford, since 1968.  Our cows spend their time outside from mid-February to mid-November grazing the lush Mid Devon pastures around the village of Sandford, just 3 fields away from our vending machine. 

From grass to glass in less than 24 hours!

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