I work with small businesses to design and deliver online marketing strategies that increase brand awareness and sales.

Hi, I’m Sara Millis and before I started helping other business owners with their marketing, I ran my own creative business online for 11 years. I had to learn how to; create social media posts that gained engagement, email newsletters that delivered sales and work out how to generate traffic from Google. It was damned hard work, when all you really want to do is concentrate on production, sales and customer service. This is why I want to get involved in helping you make a bigger impact online with the tricks I have learned.

Did you know?

  • Around 90.63% of websites get zero traffic from Google and just over 4% of web pages get minimal to good traffic
  • Only 2% of your social audience are likely to see your posts and stories
  • The average click through rate on an email campaign is just 2.5%

Mind blown yet?!

Let me solve your headache with simple, engaging and converting content.

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