This is an easy walk of 3.5 miles taking 2 hours mostly on well marked field paths with some pleasing views of the countryside to the north and east of this area of the Exe valley, with several possible variations and extensions.

Mauve dashed line shows route

A good starting point is the road through Brampford Speke which passes the church and the Agricultural Inn. If travelling from the Exeter direction I suggest parking near the bus shelter and opposite Stooks Close which is a small housing estate, (A).

Track at starting point A

Take the signposted footpath which runs from the road westwards alongside Stooks Close and crosses several fields before bringing you to a road (B) where you turn left towards Upton Pyne village and the church.

End of track at B

Enter the churchyard through a gate in the village square at (C). The church interior is interesting having memorials to the Northcote (or Northcott) families who are the Earls of Iddesleigh. The large grave is that of one family member (Sir Stafford Northcote) who was the Chancellor of the Exchequer.

The Northcote grave

Leave the churchyard via a gate in the NW corner and turn right on the farm track which leads down hill. Look out for the track on your right at (D) and take this following the field edges until reaching the road at (E) turning left and then after a few steps taking the signposted track on your right. Follow the track along the field edge, through a wood and another field until reaching another lane at (F) where there is a dog kennel (Paws-a-while). Turn left and follow the lane to a road junction (G) where you take the right turn along Red Rock Road and when just past the summit of this gentle hill take the signposted track on the right at (H).

This is a somewhat overgrown green lane which emerges into a field with a track on your left. Follow the track along the field edge which leads eventually to a signposted diagonal track across a garden lawn and a long entrance drive to a house emerging onto the council road at (I). This is the road leaving Brampford Speke in the direction of Thorverton and you should turn right heading into the village but keep left so as to pick up the shaded lane (J) behind the school which leads to the churchyard (K) and hence back to your starting point.

Entrance to track at J

Aug 29, 2022

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