This is a 5.5 mile ramble starting outside Shobrooke Church but the railway station at Newton St Cyres is also a convenient starting point. It is mainly on quiet lanes and good well marked footpaths with two bracing hill climbs and rewarding views.

Mauve dashed line shows route

Starting at the church (A) take the lane south up and over a hill to point (B) where there is a footpath signposted on your right which crosses three fields and emerges on the road at (C).  

View of Shobrooke Church and Barton from hill between points A and B

Turn left towards Wyke Cross and on reaching it (D) turn right to arrive at the Beer Engine in Newton St Cyres (E).

Here you will find a footpath heading north along Lake Lane towards the road at (F). Turn left at (F) and on again reaching Wyke Cross (D) turn right up Wyke Hill towards Shobrooke Mill (G).

View towards Shobrooke Mill from Wyke Hill

At Shobrooke Mill take the signposted footpath northwards along Shobrooke Lake (Lake is old English for small stream) and continue until at (H) you will find a signposted footpath on your left which will take you back to the starting point via the Holy Well at (I).

Holy Well (point I)

View towards Shobrooke from Wyke Mill

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Dec 5, 2022

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