A new centre offering different classes and various therapies to boost health and promote wellness has opened in Crediton. The Howe Wellbeing Centre on Union Road is offering chiropractic sessions, pilates, shiatsu, reflexology as well as yoga for kids and adults. It aims to be a ‘one stop shop’ for wellbeing services for the whole community, as yoga teacher Esme Butterfield explains.

The Howe Wellbeing Centre opened with little fanfare about six months ago when chiropractor Tom Howe moved his clinic from the Creedy Centre into what was ‘The Baby Hub’ on Union Road.

The Howe Wellbeing Centre on Union Road

Tom’s plans are for a ‘one stop shop’ wellbeing centre offering the Crediton community an array of different therapeutic services by various practitioners and clinicians on an equal footing from one centrally located site.

As well as his highly recommended and busy chiropractic sessions, Tom also offers dry needling and remedial pilates classes.

Esme Yoga has also recently come on board at The Centre and taken tranquil rooms from where she offers 12 years of experience delivering deeply healing shiatsu bodywork, advice on food energetics, ‘Mind, Body, Spirit Lifestyle Recommendations’, as well as more traditional relaxing Swedish and pampering aromatherapy body massage treatments.

Treatment Room

Additionally there is a lovely gym/dance studio on the ground floor where new Kids Yoga classes have been introduced on Wednesdays at 4 pm, various private classes are offered and on Fridays at 6 pm a new ‘Yoga Beatz’ dance class, with disco lights and pumping tunes to get people ready for their uplifting weekends!

Yoga studio

At the end of January we are delighted to announce that we’ll be joined by Caroline Twigg who, from a beautiful room, will continue to offer Crediton nearly 20 years of her experience in rebalancing reflexology, wonderful hot stone treatments, healing shamanic practice and courses in meditation.

So….the seemingly unprepossessing exterior of Church View with its reflective glass contains an ever growing abundance of charms, therapies and services to keep you well, balanced, strong and in accord to your true natures, fit and strong in this new year 2023, with much to offer ahead.

We are slowly opening wider doors to offer Crediton a very new type of destination for healing, health and happy wellbeing.

(Oh, and it can’t hurt that it’s a hop next door to the MotoVelo café and the finest coffee in town !!)

For additional info on any treatments or classes mentioned, please contact:

ESME 07880 790 341 or Facebook

TOM 07704 005 756 or Facebook

CAROLINE 07879 737 772

Jan 18, 2023
Health and Wellbeing

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