Continuing his series about his favourite local walks, Tom Davies describes a one way route from Kennerleigh to Sandford of 5.3 miles.

Mauve dashed line shows route

Ideally this walk should be done in a southerly direction using two cars, one to be left at the village hall car park in Sandford and the other used to get to the starting point at Kennerleigh Post Office & Stores (A).

Take the green lane from the post office to a farm gate on your left (B). Be careful to take the track diagonally across the field and not the one along the field hedge.

A steep section through the wood brings you to a small cottage called Scotland (C).

Bridleway near Scotland.

Take the bridleway south to arrive at Swannaton Farm (D) walking through the farmyard and on to the crossroad at West Pidsley (E).

Toward Sandford from Swannaton.

Continue south past the lane to Yarmleigh on the right, followed by a long climb to Jackbacks Cross (F) and Reedsdown Cross (G).

From here a pleasant descent to the junction (H) and Sandford village hall car park (I).

Gipsies corner above Sandford.
May 19, 2021

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