When Amy Oboussier moved to Crediton a couple of years ago she was so inspired by the town’s thriving food culture, with amazing produce in the gardens, hedgerows, fields and market, that she decided to launch a cookery school. She has also started writing a cookery book and is inviting local people to contribute their favourite recipes.

This summer has proved a busy few months for me, as I both launched Living Slow Cooking School and started co-writing a community cookbook about Crediton and the surrounding area.

Amy in her kitchen

The aim of Living Slow Cooking School is to teach the art of modern domestic cooking. Based out of my home kitchen in Barnfield, Crediton, you can enjoy intimate cooking classes, picking veggies from the garden and collecting eggs from the hens.

We will be learning to become creative and intuitive cooks, how to create balanced, flavourful meals, from local, seasonal ingredients, how to stock a pantry without highly processed foods, and how to cook from scratch - without the fuss.

I’m currently offering monthly Seasonal Cooking Classes. Each month the menu changes to reflect what is in season locally. We will be learning to make fresh pasta, bread, butter, soups, stews, preserves and tonnes more. Class sizes are small and include lunch, dinner, morning/afternoon teas, coffee and cake… and there are always goodies to take home!

I’m also teaching shorter one-off classes like Festive Baking, so keep a close eye on the website livingslow.co.uk.

My other project, the Crediton Community Cookbook was inspired by our local community larder and a desire to share knowledge about reducing food waste in our town.

We are currently looking for recipes from people living in Crediton and the surrounding area to include in the book. The recipe could be a quick weeknight dish, a dinner party show-stopper, a rustic meal or an old family recipe. Both sweet and savoury dishes are welcomed.

Recipes should ideally be inspired by locally available ingredients. We are especially looking for traditional recipes from the area, in the hope that this cookbook will preserve these recipes for future generations. Recipes with a focus on reducing waste are also of particular interest e.g. carrot top pesto, or bread and butter pudding using stale bread.

All the recipes will be reviewed and a select few included in our Cookbook, which we hope will be printed towards the end of 2023. Recipes included in the book will be credited and the author will get a free copy of the book.

You can submit your recipes using the form on my website here.

Nov 3, 2022
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