Crediton and the surrounding villages are vibrant communities. And we want to keep the heart in Crediton by connecting, reaching out to help support local producers, jobs and our community. Together we can promote our businesses, services, groups, venues and activities. Want a Free listing?

We want to build on previous work done by the Town Council, the Town Team & Crediton Festival to improve quality of life by increasing opportunities for leisure, health, culture and business activities for the people of Crediton and the surrounding area.

This website was created by the Crediton Heart Project, a voluntary organisation dedicated to improving facilities and opportunities for people in the Crediton area. Trustee Nancy Murgatroyd explains how she got involved in the Heart Project, introduces her fellow trustees and outlines their ambitious plans.

In the summer of 2018, an article in the Crediton Courier caught my attention. The Crediton Town Team were looking for trustees to develop a community project, consultation had suggested that people were interested in having additional facilities in and around Crediton. No one wanted a growing Crediton to become a dormitory town to Exeter.

Clearly, we were fortunate to have so many groups, organisations, venues, hard-working volunteers, independent businesses and services in our area, but there was talk about a theatre, cinema, business hot desks, art studios, facilities for the old, the young and everyone in between. Quite a shopping list!

I had been involved in a community project in the town where I had lived in the Yorkshire Dales. I knew about the challenges and some of the pitfalls in such a project but also knew that success would create real opportunities for local people. After a formal interview process, I was fortunate enough to join an interesting and committed group of trustees with a wide variety of backgrounds and skills. 

Last year the team focused on talking to groups, organisations and as many local people as possible, both in the town and in surrounding villages.  We had a fantastic response to our survey and learnt a lot, from people of all ages, about the facilities they would like for their community. We were also thrilled to welcome on board our first patrons, actors Luke and Harry Treadaway, and theatre producer Julian Stoneman.

We decided to work on two initiatives. We call them “Clicks & Bricks”.

An Online Network  A website supporting community and business activity

A Community Building A versatile welcoming, inclusive facility providing spaces for performance, film, art, leisure and community services.  This could be a new building or created by converting disused premises.

We originally planned to launch the website later this year, however, the world has changed in just a few weeks. At this difficult time, we all need help and encouragement and the launch of this website has been brought forward and re-purposed with exactly that in mind.

We’re committed to representing all the diverse groups in our community. If you have any suggestions, feedback or would like to join the project, we’d love to hear from you.

Introducing the Crediton Heart Project Team

John Bulford  worked in finance for 30 years, most recently for the Asian Development Bank.  He supported an inner city community group in Sydney, Australia, where he lived until 2018.

Kate Lock (Secretary)  is a senior NHS manager and founder member of Crediton Town Team. She has helped produce ‘Shakespeare in the Square’ and the Crediton Festival.

Dennis Mardon (Treasurer) has worked in local government and is Chair of Citizens Advice, Exeter. He was Treasurer of the ‘Let's Pool Together’ group, which built the Lords Meadow swimming pool. 

Gill Mackenzie  works for Pluss, a Community Interest Company which assists those with disabilities. She is a key member of CODS. 

Nancy Murgatroyd  has worked as a designer, run an art gallery and been a non-executive Director in the NHS. She led a project in Yorkshire, which built and ran a community centre.  She is an artist & printmaker.

Stephen Hocking has worked as a theatre production manager and lighting designer. He is a Trustee of the Association of British Theatre Technicians.

Rosemary Stephenson (Chair)  has worked for Crediton Arts Centre and is Chair of Crediton Town Team. She helps to coordinate the Crediton Festival.  

Paul Walker  worked for Exeter City Council and project managed the multi million pound Phoenix Arts Centre Project. He is the Vice Chair of CODS.


Apr 30, 2020
The Heart Project

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