Sustainable Crediton is a voluntary group working to help local people lead more sustainable lifestyles. SusCred member John Craythorne explains how the group has both a global and local perspective.

Sustainable Crediton was founded around 13 years ago as part of the international Transition Town movement which aims to inspire, support, train and connect communities that are exploring the transition from fossil fuel dependency towards local self sufficiency and a low carbon lifestyle. 

Our core purpose is to help people in Crediton and the local area to lead more sustainable lifestyles and work towards a carbon-neutral future.  We are grateful to the Credition Heart Project for the opportunity to contribute to this great new website.  

‘Thinking globally, acting locally’ gives us a neat framework for our blog. It is a phrase which goes back some 100 years, but seems more relevant than ever as we grapple with our personal and local responses to the global environmental crisis.

Although our programme of events is currently on hold, due to the pandemic, we have managed to continue working on one really important project.

Acting Locally: Our Pollinator Project

The drastic fall in insect populations world-wide has been widely reported. This BBC News article gives a good summary of the scale of the problem.  

In response to this situation, we are developing our pollinator project to manage neglected or under-used plots of land around town to provide pollinator friendly planting and at the same time help beautify our town. 

The first site we have taken on is at Belle Parade, near the library.

We are in discussions over further plots, which we intend to take on as the pandemic lockdown eases and we are able to be more active.

Climate Change: a short history to follow in our next blog

You can find out more about Sustainable Crediton and how to get involved here

You can find out more about the Transition Town movement here

Aug 8, 2020

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