A nationwide art project is inviting people to learn about climate change by exploring the world of moths. Moths to a Flame will lead to the creation of a massive art installation to be displayed at the United Nations Climate Conference in Glasgow in November. Local artist and ecologist Naomi Wright is one of the organisers of this ambitious project, which aims to make 20,000 moths out of recycled milk bottles and send a powerful message to world leaders. Here she explains how to get involved.
 Moths are a beautiful species which need to be noticed and celebrated. They are attracted to light, as humans are, so we are using them as a symbol of our relationship with energy. By observing and caring for moths we will understand our energy systems better and help the planet as we go.

Moths to a Flame is a creative response to the climate emergency led by the Art and Energy Collective. Throughout  2021, we are inviting you to take part infree online events exploring energy and the world of moths in order to better understand ourselves and the impact of our actions on the climate.

 We are also inviting you to help us make 20,000 moths out of recycled milk bottles to create a huge art installation which will travel to Glasgow in November forthe UN Conference on Climate Change COP26.

Moths made out of plastic milk bottles

As well as making moths, we’d like people to record a message to world leaders urging them to take action on the climate emergency. These recordings will be used to create a whispered soundscape for the installation.

The Moths to a Flame project was born in Plymouth, but we’re now reaching people all over the country and even overseas. It is a truly inclusive project as we believe everyone should be able to share their whisper of hope for the future.

For many people the Climate Emergency is such a huge and overwhelming issue, generating a sense of panic, guilt and anxiety. Moths to a Flame offers an optimistic creative experience enabling conversation around the little things that we can do together to make a difference

Individually we go unheard, but together we can create a roar for change!  And we are taking our roar for change to COP26.  

We would love you, your friends, family and community to be a partof it, working together to build a huge new artwork for this global event.


There are lots of ways of getting involved:

●      Make moths for the installation out of plastic milk bottles. We’re aiming for 20,000 moths to hang in a stunning mass-participation UV illuminated art-work. Or simply donate plastic milk bottles for others to use.

Instructions for making a moth


●      Record your message forCOP26. We’d like to gather 10,000 messages calling for urgent action onclimate change. We will use these to create a thought provoking soundscape for our art installation.

●      Write a poem inspired by moths and energy, then submit it to the Moths to aFlame Poetry Slam in July.

●      Watch moths with us during a monthly Zoom and Facebook broadcast with moth experts, energy specialists andresearchers.

●      Read The Moth’s Whisper, an illustrated story book, then decorate andbring to life your own augmented reality moth.

●      Encourage your school orcommunity group to get involved.

Details about of all these activities and lots more can be found here.

Moths to a Flame is organized by the Art and Energy Collective,  a group of artists, tinkerers, researchers, technologists and communicators. We work together to raise awareness of the impact that our energy systems have on our planet.  

Naomi Wright is a Crediton based artist and ecologist, who makes collaborative performative art that is about nature, renewable energy and climate change. Energy conceptually underpins her work.  

Naomi Wright

Email Naomi here and find out more about Moths to a Flame here.  

Apr 20, 2021

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