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Gardening Tips For August   -  Sit Back And Enjoy!

August is the time to take a well-earned break from the last few months of planting, cutting, digging, watering and to enjoy the fruits of your hard work, literally. Eat your crops as they come out before you miss them, says gardening expert Andy Colquhoun. But there are still a few jobs to do…...

Gardening Tips for July

The main tasks for this month are deadheading, watering and weeding, says gardening expert Andy Colquhoun. He also offers some advice on how to remove the dreaded ground elder without using toxic weedkiller.

Gardening Tips for June

June is a month of light, with the longest day on the 21st. This gives us a month of fast growth in the garden and plenty of jobs to be getting on with, says gardening expert Andy Colquhoun.

Gardening Tips for May

May can be an unpredictable month, from a mixture of hot, mild and cold temperatures with some chilly winds. Whatever we decide to do in the garden, we always need to go by the weather.

Gardening tips For April

With many of us spending more time in our gardens, local gardening expert Andy Colquhoun shares some tips for getting your soil into shape.