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How Effective Listening Can Reduce Back To School Anxiety

As children return to school after a six month break, some may be feeling quite anxious. While some young people will welcome the return of the school routine, others will be finding the social and academic pressures very difficult. In her latest blog, counsellor Laura Sollis suggests the best way to help a child with school anxiety could simply be to listen.

Church Is Not The Building

One of the key ways that church has always been expressed is when people gather together for worship each Sunday. Yet with the buildings closed for many weeks, churches have remained very much alive. Here Sarah Preece describes how Crediton Congregational Church adapted to lockdown and reflects on what really makes church what it is…and it’s clearly not the building!
Out and About

Our Favourite Cycle Ride Around Crediton

A small group of women cyclists head out every Sunday morning from the Bike Shed in Crediton to explore the gorgeous back lanes of Mid Devon. Ride leader Kate Lock shares one of their favourite rides, from Crediton to Killerton and back again.
Mind & Body

Five Clues You May Be Dealing With Passive Aggressive Behaviour

Our relationships with others can be supportive and rewarding. But some can be the opposite. Counsellor Laura Sollis explains how to recognise passive aggressive behaviour and how we should deal with it.
Mind & Body

Understanding The Flight or Fight Response

Throughout the lockdown counsellor Laura Sollis has been reflecting on the effects on people's mental wellbeing, especially those with social anxiety. Here she explains the flight or fight response that can help us deal with threatening situations, but can also become a curse.
Arts & Crafts

Self Isolation or Splendid Isolation? A Printmaker Explores. 

Printmaker and Heart Project Trustee Nancy Murgatroyd has been captivated by the new words and concepts the pandemic has generated. She has been exploring the meaning of ‘isolation’ through her work and urges others to share their creative responses by entering our creative competition ‘My Life in Lockdown’.
Mind & Body

Research & Reach Out  -  Advice to Support Young People’s Mental Health 

If you are young, stuck at home with an uncertain future, it’s quite likely your mental health is suffering. Jake Cole is a wellbeing advisor at Exeter College and is well aware of the challenges facing young people. He advises students to research and reach out. 
Mind & Body

Running - My Salvation From Stress

Running has become popular during this time for all the obvious reasons: it is free, you can do it nearly anywhere, the kit is minimal and the government even sanctioned it as a suitable form of outdoor exercise during lockdown. Nancy Dowling of the Crediton Running Network explains why she loves running and shares her tips for those new to the sport.