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Fame, Fortune and Tragedy for Upton Hellions Musician

John Davy is perhaps the only composer from our area to have had his music played at the Last Night of the Proms. Davy was an incredibly talented musician who found fame and fortune in London but came to a tragic end.
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Favourite Local Walks - 2.From Sandford

In the second of his blogs about his favourite walks, Tom Davies describes a 6 mile route from Sandford with panoramic views of the Creedy Valley and the Cheriton Fitzpaine area.
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Favourite Local Walks    -  1.  Around Posbury  

Mid Devon is a paradise for walkers, with a huge number of footpaths and lanes to explore across gorgeous countryside, with spectacular views and fascinating villages. In a series of blogs, keen walker Tom Davies shares some of his favourite local walks, starting at the historic St Luke’s Chapel at Posbury.

A Good Read  -  80 Blogs Reflecting Local Life 

The blogs on our website reflect local life in very special ways. We all know our lives have changed over the last few months and some of our blog writers tell the story of their own challenges and responses. Our picture editor, Nancy Murgatroyd, picks some highlights from our most recent postings.
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Chiddenbrook Lane -  The Favourite Walk of Dame Margot Fonteyn

Chiddenbrook Lane, leading from the surgery in Crediton across undulating hills to Hollacombe Cross, is well known to many Kirtonians. But years ago, it was also the favourite walk of Dame Margot Fonteyn. Tom Davies describes how he discovered that the prima ballerina used to enjoy walks past his house at Middle Hollacombe and how she revealed some fascinating history about his home.
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A Casualty of War, a Broken Heart and a Posthumous Baby - the Tragic Story of Tom Mildon.

Cheriton Fitzpaine lost 14 local men to World War One. Tom Mildon died of his injuries but is not included on the village war memorial because his death occurred so long afterwards. Elly Babbedge tells his sad story.
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Every Window Tells A Story

One of the windows on the South wall of the nave of Bow Church tells the sad story of Emma Warren and her family. Peter Selley of Bow has explored the archives to find out more.
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‘The Barns of Crediton!’ - The War Cry of 16th Century Rebels

After the Church of England was formed in the 16th Century and Protestantism became the official religion of the country, many people refused to convert and maintained their Catholic faith. This was particularly true in Devon and Cornwall, where people were frequently described as ‘popish’ because of their allegiance to the Pope. Here Dylan Bilyard describes how in 1549 Crediton became the focus of a Catholic rebellion with some terrible consequences.