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Some Tips When Considering Online or Phone Counselling

Since the start of Covid 19, many counsellors have transferred to online or telephone consultations. Whilst some are slowly going back to seeing clients face to face, it would certainly seem that remote therapy is here to stay and might well play a bigger role in the future. Local counsellor Laura Sollis suggests some questions to ask when considering remote counselling.
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Research & Reach Out  -  Advice to Support Young People’s Mental Health 

If you are young, stuck at home with an uncertain future, it’s quite likely your mental health is suffering. Jake Cole is a wellbeing advisor at Exeter College and is well aware of the challenges facing young people. He advises students to research and reach out. 
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Running - My Salvation From Stress

Running has become popular during this time for all the obvious reasons: it is free, you can do it nearly anywhere, the kit is minimal and the government even sanctioned it as a suitable form of outdoor exercise during lockdown. Nancy Dowling of the Crediton Running Network explains why she loves running and shares her tips for those new to the sport. 
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How to Create a Journal That Works For You

Writing a journal can be a rewarding and inspiring experience, offering all sorts of benefits. Counsellor Laura Sollis gives some tips on how to get started.
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Could An Electric Bike Replace My Car?

Lockdown has led to more people getting out on their bikes or taking up cycling for the first time. Kath Bowen has been a keen cyclist for many years, but last year she bought an electric bike so she could cycle to work in Exeter. She is so pleased with the opportunities it provides, she is even considering getting rid of her car altogether. We asked her to explain why.
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Reasons to Keep Moving for Your Body and Your Mind

Our bodies were designed to walk, jump, change, stretch and adapt. The same is true of the mind - by design you think, feel, change, adapt and overcome. Yoga teacher Laura Galvin explores the links between mental and physical health and how keeping active during lockdown can help us feel happier.
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A View From the Frontline 2

Although hospitals in the South West have been coping well with the pandemic, staff are anxious about what happens when restrictions ease. And, in her second report, senior NHS manager Kate Lock says they are starting to contemplate how to live with Covid – permanently.
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Our Transition to Online Classes

In 2007 Helen Kingdon founded the Exeter Tai Chi school with her husband Tom Collingridge and, for the past 3 years, they have been running classes in Crediton. Since the pandemic struck they have had to learn to do this in a very different way.