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Slow Postpartum Offers Support, Massage and Meals for New Mums

Having a new baby can be an exhausting and difficult experience. In the West we expect new mothers to bounce back into their old lives soon after giving birth, but local pregnancy expert Jojo Hogan believes that women should instead be allowed to rest and be cared for by others. In this interview she explains how she was inspired by traditional cultures to start the Slow Postpartum Movement and why she offers new mums support, massage and nutritious home cooked meals.

Give Blood, Help the NHS and Save Lives

The pandemic caused a significant drop in blood donations. The NHS urgently needs more donors
Health and Wellbeing

Exercise - Keeping Fit in the Time of Covid

With gyms and swimming pools closed, team sports banned and our movements restricted, many people have had to find new ways of keeping fit, such as walking or cycling. Keen runner Nancy Dowling reflects on how her exercise regime has changed over the past year, to include online Pilates and aerobics, as well as taking a dip in her local river.
Health and Wellbeing

Crediton Vaccination Centre Delivers Hope and Optimism

At Lords Meadow Leisure Centre a military operation is underway. The sports hall, usually abuzz with fitness, badminton or martial arts sessions, has been transformed into a vaccination centre where local medical staff are working tirelessly to deliver jabs to all their patients. Our editor Rosemary Stephenson went along to help out and reports here on an impressive campaign involving the whole community. 
Health and Wellbeing

Creating a Vaccination Centre – Like Building a Train as it Runs Down the Track

In this moving report, one NHS manager describes the extraordinary challenge of getting a mass vaccination clinic started in just a few weeks, a process that would normally have taken months.
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Favourite Local Walks 5 - Crediton to Shobrooke along the Devonshire Heartland Way

In his next blog about his favourite local walks, Tom Davies follows a 5 mile circular route, mainly on footpaths, from the Crediton Leisure Centre to Shobrooke and back again.
Health and Wellbeing

Three Surprising Benefits of Self-Care

If you are a busy person, with others to care for, you probably feel you don’t have the time to look after yourself and do the things you enjoy. But introducing a self-care routine can have unexpected benefits, as counsellor Laura Sollis explains. 
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Some Tips When Considering Online or Phone Counselling

Since the start of Covid 19, many counsellors have transferred to online or telephone consultations. Whilst some are slowly going back to seeing clients face to face, it would certainly seem that remote therapy is here to stay and might well play a bigger role in the future. Local counsellor Laura Sollis suggests some questions to ask when considering remote counselling.