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Our Vibrant Village Shops, a Treasure Trove of Christmas Gifts & Goodies

With their twinkling lights, friendly volunteers and wealth of local knowledge, our village shops have been a lifeline during lockdown, offering deliveries or a phone and collect service for the most vulnerable. In her round up of these vibrant little stores, local resident Rebecca Smith discovers not just a huge range of essentials, but a treasure trove of Christmas gifts and goodies, many of them locally made.
Food & Farming

Gin O’Clock -  A Guide To Local Producers 

Gin has recently experienced a surge in popularity, with many small distilleries producing different varieties and flavours to meet the demand. Local wine merchant Bruce Evans looks back at the history of this classic British drink and shares his favourite south west producers.

Gift Shopping Locally

If you’ve a birthday coming up, or are gift-shopping during lockdown, there are lots of options for shopping locally. Local marketing expert Charlie Richards has put together a range of ideas that make brilliant gifts and support our local businesses.