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Exercise - Keeping Fit in the Time of Covid

With gyms and swimming pools closed, team sports banned and our movements restricted, many people have had to find new ways of keeping fit, such as walking or cycling. Keen runner Nancy Dowling reflects on how her exercise regime has changed over the past year, to include online Pilates and aerobics, as well as taking a dip in her local river.
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Favourite Local Walks 5 - Crediton to Shobrooke along the Devonshire Heartland Way

In his next blog about his favourite local walks, Tom Davies follows a 5 mile circular route, mainly on footpaths, from the Crediton Leisure Centre to Shobrooke and back again.
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Favourite Local Walks  - 4 Crediton to Hookway

Continuing the series about his favourite walks, Tom Davies takes us along a 3.3 mile route from Crediton station to Hookway and back again, with wonderful views to the east, south and west of Crediton. The walk takes about 1 hour 30 minutes.
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Our Favourite Cycle Ride Around Crediton

A small group of women cyclists head out every Sunday morning from the Bike Shed in Crediton to explore the gorgeous back lanes of Mid Devon. Ride leader Kate Lock shares one of their favourite rides, from Crediton to Killerton and back again.
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How to Choose Your First Surfboard

If you’re planning to try surfing for the first time this summer, all the advice and kit you need is available right here in Crediton. Circle One Surf Company on Lords Meadow Estate has been designing and making surfboards for more than 50 years and supplies surf schools across the country. Here are their top tips on how to buy your first board.
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Running - My Salvation From Stress

Running has become popular during this time for all the obvious reasons: it is free, you can do it nearly anywhere, the kit is minimal and the government even sanctioned it as a suitable form of outdoor exercise during lockdown. Nancy Dowling of the Crediton Running Network explains why she loves running and shares her tips for those new to the sport. 
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Could An Electric Bike Replace My Car?

Lockdown has led to more people getting out on their bikes or taking up cycling for the first time. Kath Bowen has been a keen cyclist for many years, but last year she bought an electric bike so she could cycle to work in Exeter. She is so pleased with the opportunities it provides, she is even considering getting rid of her car altogether. We asked her to explain why.
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Reasons to Keep Moving for Your Body and Your Mind

Our bodies were designed to walk, jump, change, stretch and adapt. The same is true of the mind - by design you think, feel, change, adapt and overcome. Yoga teacher Laura Galvin explores the links between mental and physical health and how keeping active during lockdown can help us feel happier.