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May in the Lewis Cottage Garden 

Some less spectacular plants that still play a crucial role in the Lewis Cottage garden.
Out and About

Finding the New in the Familiar - A Walk from Sandford to Crediton Station

Ysella Sims discovers new footpaths and notices details she had previously missed.
Food & Farming

Local Farmer Plants Trees on Grazing Land in Radical Experiment

A local farmer has planted thousands of trees on some of his best land as part of a radical experiment aimed at improving productivity and the environment. 
Pets & Animals

A House Full of Hedgehogs

Caring for sick hogs is so rewarding.

A Fuel’s Paradise – The Basic Facts About Climate Change

Prof Tom Davies offers his perspective on the climate change debate.

October in the Lewis Cottage Garden

Work never stops at Lewis Cottage.
Pets & Animals

Does Your Dog Chase Sheep? 5 Ways to Break the Habit

Daryl Cook of Devon Dog Training explains why - and what the responsible dog owner can do about it. 

The Dog Poo Debate and Why it Matters

Devon Dog Training recently moved into new premises in Upton Hellions on the outskirts of Crediton. We’re delighted that Daryl Cook the founder will be sharing his tips, thoughts and expertise regularly on this website. Here he tackles the subject of dog mess - always a hot topic on the local social media channels!