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Crediton Arts Centre Reopens

After being closed for 18 months, the Crediton Arts Centre reopens this weekend.

Moths to a Flame - a Creative Response to the Climate Emergency

A nationwide art project is inviting people to learn about climate change by exploring the world of moths. Moths to a Flame will lead to the creation of a massive art installation to be displayed at the United Nations Climate Conference in Glasgow in November. Local artist and ecologist Naomi Wright is one of the organisers of this ambitious project, which aims to make 20,000 moths out of recycled milk bottles and send a powerful message to world leaders. Here she explains how to get involved.

Crediton Arts Centre Finds New Ways of Working and Fundraising 

For more than 30 years Crediton Arts Centre has been offering a busy programme of classes, workshops and live events from its base in East Street. But since it was forced to close in March, the Centre has been finding new ways of working and fundraising, including the auction of some stunning wooden sculptures, as Administrator Jack Robson explains.

The Quarantine Quilt Project

People from across the country are being invited to contribute to a Quarantine Quilt in a creative response to the pandemic led by Crediton-based Significant Seams. This group of local artists has received Arts Council funding to lead a national project, which will inspire people to create quilts in many different areas. Their aim is to collect and stitch together people’s responses to the experience of living through a pandemic, as Significant Seams Director Catherine West explains.

Crediton Arts Centre Looks to the Future

On 20 March Crediton Arts Centre shut its doors along with venues across the country. Overnight the Centre lost its main source of income from hiring its two studio spaces and selling tickets for events. The building may be closed, but much is going on behind the scenes to keep this busy community space alive and ready to reopen once lockdown is lifted.

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?

People are finding all sorts of creative ways to entertain themselves during lockdown. One Crediton family, missing the contact with family and friends, decided to make their own dinner guest. Fiona MacBeth explains where the idea came from, how they funded and then filmed their project.

Crochet to your heart's content

Make crochet hearts for bunting to hang in your window to cheer up passers-by, or be part of a national NHS initiative to make pairs of hearts to send to your local hospital, where one will stay with a critically ill patient and the other will be sent to their loved ones to bring them comfort.