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Crediton Vaccination Centre Delivers Hope and Optimism

At Lords Meadow Leisure Centre a military operation is underway. The sports hall, usually abuzz with fitness, badminton or martial arts sessions, has been transformed into a vaccination centre where local medical staff are working tirelessly to deliver jabs to all their patients. Our editor Rosemary Stephenson went along to help out and reports here on an impressive campaign involving the whole community. 
Health and Wellbeing

Creating a Vaccination Centre – Like Building a Train as it Runs Down the Track

In this moving report, one NHS manager describes the extraordinary challenge of getting a mass vaccination clinic started in just a few weeks, a process that would normally have taken months.

Self Isolation or Splendid Isolation? A Printmaker Explores. 

Printmaker and Heart Project Trustee Nancy Murgatroyd has been captivated by the new words and concepts the pandemic has generated. She has been exploring the meaning of ‘isolation’ through her work and urges others to share their creative responses by entering our creative competition ‘My Life in Lockdown’.
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Running - My Salvation From Stress

Running has become popular during this time for all the obvious reasons: it is free, you can do it nearly anywhere, the kit is minimal and the government even sanctioned it as a suitable form of outdoor exercise during lockdown. Nancy Dowling of the Crediton Running Network explains why she loves running and shares her tips for those new to the sport. 
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One Day at Home in the World - A Global Art Project of Words & Images

In April 2020 - two weeks into lockdown - Philip Robinson sat at his kitchen table in Crediton wondering what it was like for other people in this similar predicament elsewhere in the world. Same or different challenges, what did they feel and think about it all, what could they see from their window? And so began One Day At Home In the World, an extraordinary project connecting over 50 people aged from 9 to 89 spread across 30 countries all recording what they did on one day in April 2020. 
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Working With PPE

Key workers in care homes have faced some particularly tough challenges during the pandemic. 20 year old Rebecca O’Sullivan works with young adults with support needs in an Exeter residential home, where social distancing is simply not possible. Wearing personal protective equipment has become an essential part of her job.
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Welcome to our new Website

Welcome to our new website.
Health and Wellbeing

A View From the Frontline 2

Although hospitals in the South West have been coping well with the pandemic, staff are anxious about what happens when restrictions ease. And, in her second report, senior NHS manager Kate Lock says they are starting to contemplate how to live with Covid – permanently.