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Books & Writing

Daring to be Truthful - Writing Workshops for Everyone

Ysella Sims tells us about a new company called truth&dare to help writers with their stories by workshops and events.

Poetry Profile  - An Interview with Jackie Juno

A popular figure on the South West arts scene, Jackie Juno is a former Bard of Exeter and multiple poetry slam winner. She was a huge hit at the Poetic Licence event last summer in Crediton Town Square. Local poet Ysella Sims caught up with her recently to find out more about what makes her creative heart tick.
Books & Writing

Stories For Your Grandchildren

For many people the worst part of lockdown has been separation from their grandchildren. Local writer Mary Stephenson came up with a novel idea for keeping in touch with her grandson - she wrote him a story, recorded it with sound effects and music, and then sent it to him. She is offering to help others do the same.
Books & Writing

Love in the Time of Covid

Poetry can be a source of comfort in times of crisis and help us connect with our emotions. Local writer Ysella Sims shares a sonnet about the pandemic which moved her to tears and urges us all to have a go at expressing our feelings in words. Poetry need not be scary, she says, it is about stopping and noticing.