If you’re planning to try surfing for the first time this summer, all the advice and kit you need is available right here in Crediton. Circle One Surf Company on Lords Meadow Estate has been designing and making surfboards for more than 50 years and supplies surf schools across the country. Here are their top tips on how to buy your first board.

Circle One Surf Company was set up in 1969 by Jeff Townsley, a keen local surfer, who started designing and shaping his own surfboards from the existing Circle One Surf Shop in Exeter. The business relocated to the current warehouse on Lords Meadow Industrial Estate in Crediton in 1979 once demand for Jeff’s boards had grown with his reputation and he needed bigger premises. Jeff has produced arguably some of the best epoxy surfboard shapes of the last 40 years and  continues to innovate and build on his vast shaping experience to this day as all boards are still based on his designs. 

If you are looking to purchase your first surfboard then we know how hard it can be to know what you are looking for. If you are looking to improve and get into the water as much as possible it is a good idea to buy your own beginners’ surfboard. You can save money on expensive surf hire and have the flexibility to go surfing whenever you want. But there are so many surfboards out there so which is the best surfboard for beginners? And how do you know which surfboard is right for you in particular?

Soft Foamie or Hard Epoxy Surfboard?

So the first question to ask yourself is would you prefer to keep learning on a soft top foamie surfboard as you find in most surf schools (which may be what you are most used to)? There is a growing trend for surfers of all abilities opting to surf soft top surfboards at the moment, and there is a wide range of well built, technical soft top surfboards on the market. Our Performance Soft Top range by the Australian Board Company is a great example as they are constructed the same as a technical hard surfboard underneath, but with a soft foamie top. They surf the same as a hard surfboard but are more forgiving if you fall onto them. For kids learning in particular soft surfboards are safer and offer good grip.

Alternatively, many people prefer the feel of a hard surfboard and suggest that if you go straight onto one as a beginner you may progress faster, as long as it is the right size for your ability. We would recommend choosing a lightweight board with generous width and volume like our Southern Swells or Pulse surfboard ranges. It is also important to learn how to wax your surfboard correctly to ensure you have enough grip all over the board to help you pop up.

What Length Should You Choose?

The length of your surfboard depends on many factors such as your height and weight, and what length you feel comfortable with. Generally as a beginner you should choose a surfboard longer than your height, and with plenty of width and volume to aid buoyancy. This helps you to catch waves and balance better on the board. A mini mal surfboard of around 7' 6" - 8' in length is a popular choice for adults and families looking for a versatile surfboard anyone can enjoy. For kids, teenagers and smaller adults, you could go shorter and opt for a length around 7' or 7' 2" or even shorter for young children (between 6' and 7').

Surfboard Shapes

Surfboards come in many different shapes as well as sizes. A beginner surfboard is best to look for a rounded nose as that increases buoyancy at the front of the board, improving your ease of wave catching. Width is generally important all the way down the board including in the tail to make sure you have plenty of stability when you are up and riding waves. Aim for a surfboard with at least a width of 20".

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Our Top Picks

Beginner Soft School Surfboard with Handle

The top choice for a pure beginners surfboard which is perfect for all the family to learn to surf on. This is our tried and tested surf school and outdoor centre surfboard which most people learn on if you have lessons. Massive width and volume make catching waves easy so everyone can enjoy being in the sea this summer. We have models ranging from 7ft - 9ft, plus extra wide models, all with a handy carry handle to make carrying it down to the sea easier.

Australian Board Company Performance Soft Top Surfboard

The perfect blend of a soft top learner board, with the performance of a progressive hard surfboard. This surfboard for beginners is perfect for adults and kids to learn safely, but also progress into bigger surf and try new tricks and surf skills on a safe soft surfboard. These boards are designed with generous volume to be buoyant and very stable so first time surfers can easily catch and ride waves and build up the confidence to start performing basic turns. At the same time, the premium construction offers longevity and a more refined ride than your standard beginner board, so improver to expert surfers will also find plenty to love about this board. The smaller sizes of 5′ 2″ to 6′ 6” are a perfect for kids, or intermediate teenagers and adults, while the 7’ is better suited for beginner adults or the whole family to progress on.

Australian Board Company Pulse 7ft Epoxy Surfboard

A great fun hard surfboard for all abilities and conditions! The 7ft length would make a great first board for adults or kids looking to progress their surfing. The 47L volume is great for catching waves but this board is also manoeuvrable enough to start turning on waves and is easy to control for smaller surfers and kids.

8ft Razor Mini Mal Matt Finish Surfboard

This is a surfboard to take you from beginner to intermediate and beyond. If you don't want to buy a specific beginners surfboard but instead would like to futureproof your surfing and get a surfboard for life, this is the one. Built from top quality premium fibreglass and epoxy laminate, the Razor surfboard series excel in all surf conditions. The 8ft mini mal has 52L of volume and with almost 22" in width and such premium construction would be suitable for any adults to learn and progress on.

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If you would like more specific advice on the perfect surfboard for you, then please give us a call on 0330 043 1256 or email us on sales@circle-one.co.uk

Jun 18, 2020
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