We all have a story to tell but not everyone has the confidence to put pen to paper. A new company called truth&dare has been created to help people to do just that - on the page or the stage, as a writer or a performer. This spring, the company will be running workshops and events in and around Crediton for anyone who wants to get writing, as truth&dare founder Ysella Sims explains.

Writing can be a lonely business and a community of like-minds, writing away together, is so valuable. Writing about our experiences and connecting with our environment has so many benefits for our sense of well being too - I’d encourage everybody to try it. People have been through so much in the past few years and writing can really help us to process our experience.

I’m really excited to get back to offering in-person sessions and events. The connection and energy from a group or live audience is always so motivating and inspiring. I can’t wait to hear people’s stories and help them to get the words down in our workshops.

My new company truth&dare will be running a series of writing from life workshops around Crediton throughout the spring, providing an opportunity to join a small group in a non-critical, supportive and inspirational environment to connect with like minds, explore creativity and draw on experience to write from life.

The group will mine their everyday experience and memories to create stories about themselves and their personal histories. The workshops will take place at The Lamb Inn in Sandford, The White Room Creative Space, Crediton, and at the Turning Tides Project at the Crediton Station Tea Rooms, in April and May.

The groups are inclusive and suitable for any level of writing experience - I think that we’re all creative but don’t always have the confidence to express it. But everybody has a story to tell!

Also on offer is a Writing for Wellbeing Workshop, suitable for all ages and abilities, on the Millennium Green on 29 May  in aid of the Millennium Green Fund.

I’m planning a number of exciting performance events too,  including Jubilee Punch, a sideways celebration of the Jubilee from some of the South West’s silliest and most subversive poets.

For those who want individual support, I’ll be offering a mentoring service with a focus on helping writers to find and refine their stories.

I’m working with Sandrock Press, an independent local publisher, to offer a bespoke book design service, with support for every aspect of the self-publishing process, from editing to design, printing to distribution and marketing.

If you’d like to know more, book a space on one of the workshops or reserve a ticket for Jubilee Punch you can email me contact@ysellasims.com, visit my website www.ysellasims.com and sign up to the truth&dare newsletter.

Ysella Sims  is a writer, poet and producer based in Sandford.  She has been producing and hosting popular spoken word and literary events in the Exeter area for three years under the umbrella of Poetic Licence.

Apr 6, 2022
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